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Police Recognition Badge Plaque

Police Recognition Badge Plaque

We are proud to announce a new line!  This is a special plaque to honor that law enforcement person in your life.  The new line is for Evansville Police Department as depicted but upon inquiry and an addition one time design costs we can most likely do any city you need.

  • Specification

    1. The plaque pictured is from Hard Maple there are other choices below in the configuration section.
    2. The plaque is approximately 7" wide X 8" tall.
      1. Customized size can be made upon request at an increased cost.
    3. Available in Maple or Oak
    4. Additional staining of the back can be configured below for contrast of the badge.
    5. Variable finish looks, (Satin, semi-gloss, gloss) can be configured below. (Note the main picture shown is Semi-Gloss)
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